About Us

EST. 1986


Our Story

Our family has been in the fishing industry for over 200 years. Martin Yorwarth bought his first commercial fishing boat at 14 years old in 1986 and has been fishing ever since.

He now owns and runs two small fishing trawlers out of Newhaven, East Sussex. Our fishing gear has escape panels for juvenile fish and very light contact with the seabed, avoiding reefs and other important marine habitat. There is only two food miles from our boats to our shop. Our carbon foot print is much lower than many other fishing boats due to our low horse power and short time at sea.


Wendi’s Great Grandfather x 3 was an ice merchant and fishmonger in Billingsgate in the early 1800’s.

Our Fish

Freshness of the catch.

We only go to sea for 12 hours or less so as to ensure the quality of the catch, it is landed in the morning and sold in our shop or dispatched to our customers or market stalls straight away.


Our catch is reported to the MMO before we land and again once landed, weighed and then reported again through our buyers and sellers license. At Yorwarth’s, we pride ourselves in fishing sustainably and best practise going above and beyond legislation.


Our discards are kept to an absolute minimum and because we tow for a short time, fish that we are allowed to discard have a very high survival rate. Voluntarily, our boats do not fish within 1 mile of the low water mark, this goes above and beyond the marine conservation zone legislation, which we support.