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Delivery is £10.50 for next day delivery up to 10kg on Wednesday/Thursday and Fridays

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Cold Smoked

Salmon £3.50 / 100g
Kippers £2.50 each (fillets £1.25 each)
Bloaters £4.00 each
Haddock £22 Kg

Hot smoked

Salmon £5.00 a piece
Whole Mackerel £5.00
Mackerel fillets £2.50 each)
Buckling £5.00 each
Trout £6.50 each
Cods Roe £5.00 per 200g
Seaford Smokies (whiting) £2.50 each

Fresh off our boats, landed 18th December

Sea Bass
Dover Soles
Lemon Soles

Bought In from sustainable boats around the British Coast

Haddock £19.90 / Kg
Halibut steaks £28.00 / Kg
Hake Steaks £19.90 / Kg
Turbot £28.00 / Kg

Farmed Fish

Fresh Salmon (Scottish) £18.90 / KG
Trout £16.50 / Kg

Shell Fish

Lobsters Live or cooked poa
Clams £16.50 Kg
Oysters £1.20 Each
Mussels £7.50 / Kg
Cockles £5.00 per pot
Cooked & Peeled cocktail Prawns £5.00 per 8oz pot
Crayfish Tails £5.00 per 8oz pot
Dressed Crab £6.50
Previously cooked & Frozen lobster 400g each £12.50
Anchovies plain or in garlic £5.00 per 8oz pot
Jellied Eels £5.00 per 8oz pot
Smoked Salmon Pate £2.50 / 4oz pot
Smoked Mackerel Pate £2.50 / 4oz pot
Sweet cured Herring fillets (in a white wine vinegar) £4.50 (3 in a pot)

In The Pantry

Goldenfry Chip shop Batter Mix 170g 75p
Bart Breadcrumbs 150g £1.89
Lemon Ketchup £4.50 a bottle
Darlington Hollandaise Sauce 250g £3.40
Tartare Sauce 180g £2.00
Wasabi & Lime Dressing 220g bottle £2.99
White sauce with parsley & Lemon Zest Fish Sauce £3.45
White wine, smoked garlic & Thyme fish sauce £3.45
Pure creamed coconut block 200g £1.59
Coconut Milk 400ml £1.60
Potato wedge seasoning – sea salt & Malt vinegar 40g £1.00
Anchovy Paste 60g tube £1.60
Fish Stock 392g tin £1.95
Cornish Sea Salt, zesty lemon, & thyme 55g £2.50
Lemon Mayonnaise 200g £2.85
Crab, lobster or fish soup (French) £1 litre £8.50 per pouch